A-Z of Things Unseen: K is for Khalsa Aid

Khalsa Aid is a humanitarian relief agency which has helped destitute people in disaster areas from Haiti to Bosnia, as well flood victims much closer to home – in Somerset in 2013/14.

Its founder, Ravi Singh, started Khalsa Aid in 1999 – exactly 300 years after the Khalsa, the core community of highly committed Sikhs, came into being in Punjab. Ravi took inspiration from the teachings of the Sikh gurus, who taught their followers to strive for the well-being of all humanity, not just Sikhs.

Out of Ravi’s strong faith grew a relief agency based very largely on volunteer work – and daring to go where other agencies pull out. In Mosul in Iraq, Khalsa Aid has applied the Sikh principle of langar, or free communal kitchens, for the benefit of destitute people of all faiths.

The A-Z of Things Unseen provides an eclectic mix of faith perspectives on concepts chosen by each speaker. And it gives some serious doubters a voice, too.

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