Help with podcasts

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a digital media file (audio or video) that can be played online, downloaded onto your computer or listened on a portable mp3 player (such as an iPod). You can listen to a podcast at any time or anywhere that’s convenient.

How to listen to one of our podcasts

Listening to one of our podcast online is easy.

1.  Select the podcast you wish to listen to from the relevant section on the website.

2.  Click the play button and the podcast player will automatically open up.

3.  Wait a few seconds for the audio to load and then it will begin playing.

4.  If you wish to stop a podcast once it’s started playing then click the pause button.

5.  The play button will automatically become a pause button once a podcast has begun playing.

Some people with slower internet connections have trouble playing podcasts online. If this is the case you can download podcasts directly from the website onto your computer. This may take a few minutes but should mean that you can listen to the podcast once downloaded without interruption.

How to download a podcast directly onto your computer

Downloading the podcast allows you to save the podcast onto your computer. This is useful if your internet connection is too slow to play online or if you want to listen to a podcast offline (on a portable mp3 player or a laptop for example).

To download one of our podcasts follow the simple steps below.

1.  Select the podcast you want from one of the sections of the website such as ‘The Agitator’.

2.  Click the download button.

3.  Once you have clicked the download button a dialog box will appear marked as ‘save as’.

4.  Select the location on your computer (such as your desktop or my documents) where you wish to save the mp3 file

5.  Click save

6.  The file will take a few moments to download and the file will then be saved in the location you selected

7.  Once downloaded you can listen to the podcast through a media player installed on your computer or transfer the podcast onto your mobile mp3 player.

Leaving a comment about one of podcasts

So you’ve been listening to one of our podcasts and it’s caught your imagination. You want to say something about it but you’re not sure how to leave a comment.

1.  Click the ‘COMMENT’ button

2.  You will automatically be taken to the comment section

3.  On the comments page enter your name, email address and website (which is optional).

4.  Enter your comment in the box below

5.  Click ‘SUBMIT’ and once your comment has been moderated, it will appear below the podcast