Ramadan: In Conversation With Harris J

A graduate from the London’s Brit school of Performing Arts, Harris J shot to fame in 2015, after winning a talent contest. With grandparents from India, Ireland, Poland and Jamaica, his debut album seeks to draw on musical influences as varied as his family heritage. Dubbed the Muslim Justin Bieber, with 100 million YouTube hits, and over half a million followers on Instagram, he’s taken the global Islamic music scene by storm.

Here he talks to Things Unseen’s Remona Aly about his music, his faith and how chewing gum is his Achilles heel when it comes to fasting. And he shares his newly released single, Save Me From Myself – and tells us why it’s perfect for Ramadan.

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  • He’s such my role model form past, now, and future

  • Wow! Mashallah! this is an amazing speech!! I love Harris J

  • Wallahi,it’s so amazing. I’m speechless ❤❤❤

  • Amazing interview! I really loved it and found it very inspirational. Harris J has always been my role model and I have learned many knew things about him from this interview. Thank you for creating it. ✌

  • I love it ! Omg. This is my first time hearing this kinda stuff. Wallah its inspire me. I love you x

  • Im speechless,Harris Im so proud of you.
    You made my day ,thank you so much

  • Walah Harris J is my inspiration,I love him so much ,he is an idol

  • Thank you so much,I.really love this amazing interview .
    Harris J always inspire me,I wish all the best to Harris .

  • Such an amazing inspirational​ interview.❤❤ I loved it. This made me very motivated. Harris is one of the people who inspire me. Masha Allah ❤❤❤

  • Salam mashallah i was listening to this and I just wanna say I usually get bored with pod casts and stuff but this. This kept getting interesting I loved it. Thank you Harris and Ramona and everyone who is involved to make this.


    Imaan Mahmood

  • Thanks for sharing this interview with us❤
    Now I know more about him.. I love him so much.. I appreciate Harris so much .. He’s such amazing person.. He’s my inspirational.. He changed my life to be better, I got more close to Allah coz him.. Can I be honest ? Not even gonna lie , I’m not too religious, I’m so far from Allah but Mashallah after I knew him wallah he changed my life, I learned so may things through his music, his morals and his life.. He’s such amazing.. I believe that Allah sent him to help me to the right way inshallah I will always support him no matter what❤ I even flies from my city to the other city just to meet him.. Coz I want to meet the young British Muslim Artist who changed my life


  • It was an awesome conversation to hear. Just loved it❤❤

  • This is amazing interview
    Many things that I want to say
    But remember this is Harris and his beloved RELIGION (ISLAM)

  • Ya Allah thankyou for people like Harris <3

  • it is Soo amazing.. ❤❤ love it ❤❤

  • Love it so much ❤️ thank you for this conversation

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