Good Friday and Easter Haiku

Here are the haiku recorded for our 2016 Good Friday podcast, individually. You can hear the whole programme here.


No solace this day
the bereft morning is lost
in howling mourning
Stewart Henderson


Our saviour is gone
God made flesh destroyed by man
Where did we go wrong?
Richard Farquarson


skin running with blood
bread and wine in the distance
clouds stained sunset-red
Tim Lenton


My God, my God, why?
Into the deep dark you went
To new life unknown
Mark Dowd


Good Friday, storm-tossed.
Ward 6. A torn curtain pulled
Around laboured breaths.
Lenore Beauregard


Burden hangs heavy
as Love chooses death, but wait,
from the tomb springs Life.
Sara Crowley

No moss on this stone
All of that rolling away
Must have rocked its world
Richard Littledale


Grave clothes are for sale
Suitable for recycling
One careless owner
Richard Littledale


now you see him…now you do;
can’t see how it’s done
Stewart Henderson


Such a mild winter
daffodils, too early, will
die before Easter
Bev Jones

Full, overflowing
the moon, a cup of anguish
then a tomb, empty
Lisa Cherett


Walking home from church.
Cold inside. Then a child’s smile
Speaks resurrection.
Lenore Beauregard

We walked, we two, on
In dust, in fear, further on
He was right with us
Toby Scott


Mary leaves the tomb
her hands full of light after
touching things unseen
Tim Lenton