Good Friday and Easter Haiku

At the beginning of Lent we asked our listeners to look forward to the events to come in the Christian calendar – Good Friday and Easter.  We set them a challenge to write haiku in response, three-line Japanese-inspired poems following a strict 5-7-5 syllable format. The retired journalist Tim Lenton produced one of our favourites:

Mary leaves the tomb
her hands full of light after
touching things unseen

Thank you for all the haiku you shared with us. We’ve now recorded some of them, adding music and sound-effects. The poet Stewart Henderson came in to our studio to share his own haiku with Alison Hilliard, and respond to those which were sent in.

The full programme is below, and you can hear and read the individual haiku here.

This podcast was a finalist in the Jerusalem Awards 2016 in the Good Friday Digital category.

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  • They were just great, thank you. I presume you’ve seen the video we added to one:

  • I found it quite cathartic to write haiku for this podcast, and was pleased that you found them good enough to include a couple. Thank you for challenging me with this unusual idea.

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