The Last Shall Be First

Jane Little and her young son managed to leave her native Lake District and re-join her husband in the United States just before the Covid-19 lockdown made such travel impossible.

Now in self-isolation in a new family home in Virginia, Jane – a former BBC World Service religious affairs correspondent – reflects on whether, with all the pain and loss it has brought for so many families, the pandemic could also be a new beginning: a portal to a new and better world. The choice, as one elder from the Hopi tribe told Jane, is ours: whether to walk through that portal and create a new world in which the last, the poor and marginalized, will finally get their fair share. 

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  • I like the Jesus-quote. Letting him do the 40-days-fasting being the portal I am hoping for the light at the end of the tunnel knowing at least it is there coming towards us

  • Thank you for the insight to look for the portal!

  • Jane you speak for us all. I found the quote from the indigenous people enlightening . Thanks Janet

  • I don’t listen to many podcasts Jane but I am trying to make myself and mum told me about yours today, very insightful, thankyou for making me stop and listen and now ponder.

  • What a wonderful podcast!
    The world cannot stay the same! it has to change for the better.
    I choose to go through the portal x

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