Phone Prayers and PPE

Sarah Niyazi was pleased to get her husband, Arif, home from hospital in February, following treatment for a severe autoimmune condition. Within days they were both ill, but her husband was worse. Struggling to breathe he went back into hospital, one of the earliest UK cases of Covid-19.

Mark Dowd hears from Sarah about how the following days played out, and how she met Muslim chaplain Rehanah Sadiq, who was ‘like an angel sent by God’, Sarah says. Rehanah also shares her experiences of being a hospital chaplain at the Spring 2020 peak of Covid, from prayers over the phone, to alternative last rites and memory packs for relatives.

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  • Thank you so much, Rehanah – a very moving conversation – and so meaningful to hear your calm voice, your confidence about the vital work you offer, particularly during the crisis we’re going through. It was a privilege to work alongside you for a while.

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