Oliver Park – The Easter Riots (part 1)

One year on, what’s the truth behind the West Trent tragedy? The Broadchurch actor Joe Sims stars in Nick Warburton’s drama which reflects the themes of the Easter story in a modern setting. The fictional story is told in documentary format, using interviews improvised by the cast, which also includes Emerald O’Hanrahan (Emma Grundy in BBC Radio 4’s The Archers).

Oliver Park, in the centre of West Trent, has become host to a camp for refugees, and a few splinter protest groups. A vigilante group, City Watch, has been established in response, and with a march planned by the camp supporters, tensions are high. Into this situation comes Carl Franklin, with a small group of followers and a radical but peaceful message. Events move quickly as an act of betrayal has terrible consequences.

Listen to part one below. Part two is here.

Cast in order of appearance: Charlie Hammond: Joe Sims; Joseph Masters: Sam Dale; Nat Martindale: Emerald O’Hanrahan; DI Frances MacLaurin: Tracy Wiles; Sgt Ashkan Karimi: Arian Nik; Dean Midwinter: Michael Imerson

Picture credit: Izzy de Wattripont; Additional Sound Effects: freesound.org (thatBelle, mzui)

Story by Nick Warburton; Presenter: Mark Dowd; Producer: Paul Arnold

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  • Was good to see you say it had some press coverage. I’d be intrigued to hear if you had any feedback from the wider public. Challenging getting this kind of thing as ‘out there’ as possible I’m sure…

  • Thanks for the comments Bruce, glad you enjoyed it.

  • yes, good storytelling & kept me listening! Like the west country guy, can’t beat that accent! And the whole peace love ‘hippy’ perception angle makes you think about the nature of Jesus. Will catch the 2nd one soon.

    I’m intrigued by story/drama as a means to convey spiritual questions & realities. As well as thinking up my own future story/drama ideas, I like to blog on spiritual resonances and connections in existing popular stories. I like the police aspect in yours – I just blogged on Line of Duty – the fascination with evidence there as a bridge to consider the resurrection…

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