The holocaust deniers have always been with us.

Now we have the holocaust ‘obfuscators’.   Arguably more dangerous because they cannot simply be dismissed as extremists, they seek to reduce the unique impact and horror of the holocaust.   Wendy Robbins reports on how and why they are spreading their message across Europe.

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  • No one has an exclusivity of suffering, no person’s suffering is greater than someone else just because they are of a certain religion or ethnicity. The disabled, mentally ill, members of the clergy, trade unionists, communists and other political opponents of Hitler’s régime, gypsies and not forgetting the 3,000,000 Polish Christians who were victims of Nazi genocide have constantly been swept under the carpet of history because one group of people want the actions of the Nazis to be seen as being directly targetted against them. If anyone is guilty of Holocaust Obfuscation it is those who constantly deny the existence of 5 million victims of Nazi brutality just because they want all the focus of attention on them.

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