Ramadan: In Conversation With Babar Ahmad

Babar Ahmad spent 8 years in UK prisons fighting extradition to the US on terrorism charges. Having allowed his website to host articles supporting the Taliban, about which he now says he was naive, he was eventually transferred to solitary confinement in the US, before pleading guilty to ‘providing material support to terrorism’. He was released shortly afterwards and returned to the UK.

In conversation with Mark Dowd, Babar Ahmad talks about how he came to set up the website in question, and how he managed to mark Ramadan in the most difficult circumstances. Despite physical and mental challenges he looks back positively on the spiritual side of his incarceration.

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  • Alhamdulillah Allah kept your mental faculty safe and you were enriched by those trials. I had once spiritual experience as well. As an atheist, I was around 20, I wanted to know if there is God. I read some parts of Bible and over lunchtime at work I discussed it with my friend. She pointed many mistakes in Bible. I thought that time, no sure if Bible is correct or not But our planet does not look like product of accident. Back in the office extreme sense of happiness came over me and certainty that yes God exists. About 5 years later He guided me to Islam. The best choice I have ever made. Thank you for sharing your experiences

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