Man with Deer Eyes

He rarely talks about his spiritual beliefs, and much prefers to spend time with his Creator (whom he calls “Grandfather”) alone in the Arizona desert. Yet in this rare interview, CJ Whitedeer, Cherokee medicine man and the tribe’s only White Priest, has welcomed Jane Little to his “homecoming circle” in Arizona, providing extraordinary insights into some of the stories, beliefs and practices that are part of Native American spirituality.

We hear about the astonishing Cherokee creation story, which holds that the tribe came to Earth from the Pleiades; how they revere a figure who in many ways strongly resembles Jesus; and how CJ himself sometimes sees the world through the eyes of a deer, even though he stops short of what he says he has also witnessed: the full transformation of a man into a wolf.

CJ Whitedeer also tells Jane why his feelings about Christ are much more positive than those about Christianity at large; and how he feels about the many non-Native Americans and Europeans who flock to Arizona to seek his help.


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  • Thank you so much–glad to discover this rare interview with CJ Whitedeer, a special gift to the planet.

  • Thank you for the podcast ( I studied with C.J. 20 years ago. My name is Michael Selvaggio known to C.J. and others at the time as Bear That Dances Under Water (a name he confirmed). I would like to contact C.J. Is he alive? If so will you facilitate. I have rekindled my interest in the spirit and out of curiosity I searched the web for C.J. and found your pod cast. If upon reading this you are unsure of granting my request I add to my credence by informing you I was one of group of people, recommended by C.J. for adoption into the Northern Tsalagi Tribe which I joined. Thank you again for your work. It was a shock to hear his voice and teachings after all these years.

  • Thank you so much Jane Little for this incredible, compassionate, and humble interview. Thank you CJ Whitedeer for sharing your stories, teachings, and healing in this interview and every day. I’m honored to hear your voice on this interview and blessed for the teachings all of these years. With much love and light, Christi Stice

  • Thank you, this truly touches the mystery in us all! Much gratitude for all that is given.

  • pretty gosh darn good

  • Thank you to Jane LIttle for this sensitive interview and to CJ Whitedeer for sharing some of the amazing truths and gifts that come through him. I believe him to be a gifted teacher and “electrician” and appreciated hearing about his Cherokee heritage.

  • CJ Whitedeer is God’s willing and humble servant. Listening to his teaching enriches my soul. I feel blessed and am so thankful to CJ Whitedeer for sharing his knowledge and to Jane Little for making the interview happen.
    Susan Brownstein Arizona

  • Programme shows yet again that people of different backgrounds and creeds have so much more in common than first impression suggest….

  • Gratitude to Jane Little for her insightful interview of CJ Whitedeer, and gratitude to CJ Whitedeer for his willingness to share his wisdom. It is rare to get such a candid interview from a Native American healer and teacher. Hopefully this interview will open the door to more information, helping us all return to more balanced living. Encore! – from Angie Edge, Arizona

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this articulate, intelligent interview of CJ Whitedeer by Jane Little. Not only was it informative but it left me wanting to know more about things unseen. CJ Whitedeer is authentic and at the same time humble in his wisdom. He has no need to convince anyone of anything he simply tells the truth and it is palpable.

  • Absolutely love and appreciate “CJ’s” prophetic gifts of clearing our chakras and internally restoring balance. An extraordinary man and experience. One in a lifetime that I have been blessed by over the last 10 years. God bless all those that are sent and meant to receive such a unique healing.


  • Enjoyed listening to this interview and perspective of CJ Whitedeer. Thank you have fir publishing and sharing.

  • This man is the real deal. You can feel his energy just listening to him, but in his presence – during a healing or reading – you are amazed at his ability and spirituality. It is an honor to be in his presence.

  • Over the years he and his partners have helped me and my loved ones numerous times. An inspired sole and beautiful person.

    As an adolescent, It was like he took the beauty in creation and placed in right in my lap.

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