Faith and Fighting

How much is Religion to blame for all the fighting in the world?

In Faith and Fighting Edward Canfor-Dumas confronts a Muslim and a Zoroastrian – Maajid Nawaz, of the Quilliam Foundation, and Jehangir Sarosh, of the World Council of Religions for Peace – with the worst of Religion’s legacy: violence, war, links to power and privilege, oppression of women, a blind eye turned to the likes of slavery and apartheid.

He also confronts an Atheist – Peter Cave, of the British Humanist Association – with the best of Religion’s legacy: peace initiatives, changed lives, concern for the poor and victimized, an end to the likes of apartheid and slavery.

Faith and Fighting: how complex is the link?


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  • The demonisation of secularism again. A structure which embraces freedom of religion, but without religion imposing itself. What on earth is wrong with that? I’m with the humanist here, but oh for the days of Christopher Hitchens who would have nailed this argument all too easily.

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