In the midst of a ferocious thunderstorm, Joe and Nick, two no-nonsense Irishmen, are carrying a body into a cave for burial. It’s a messy business, their wrapped-up friend having met a grim end. But their relief at getting out of the rain is short lived, when an earthquake traps them inside.

While Nick tries to find a way out, Joe (played by Father Ted star Jim Norton) strikes up a conversation with his unexpectedly talkative dead friend.

Dr Brendan Devitt is an Irish-born writer new to radio, who studied at Dublin and Oxford universities. He re-imagines a hidden part of the Easter  story with wit and magical realism that avoids cliche and provides constant surprises. The sound world he evokes is modern and atmospheric, whilst the story  poses fundamental questions about death and the nature of human existence.

Cast in order of appearance:

Nick: Michael Quinlan
Joe: Jim Norton
The Master: Daryl McCormack
Jaz: Ayesha Antoine

Director: Paul Arnold

Sound effects sourced in part from freesound.org users odilonmarcenaro, zimbot, djgriffin and joedeshon, under the creative commons attribution license. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

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