A Story of Faith

Is creating a piece of art an act of faith, even for those who have no religious faith in the traditional sense? How does myth inform the artist’s work? And how do faith, art and the unknown hang together? The runner-up in our Things Unseen podcast competition, Zack Polanski, uses his entry to tackle these intriguing questions.

Here’s what the judges said about his podcast:

“Although we were somewhat concerned about the technical quality of this entry, we felt that this podcast tackled an intriguing subject, and one that sits well for the Things Unseen target audience. The presenter’s introduction was good and well delivered, and the guests strong. We also liked the fact that this entry was more enterprising than most in terms of the use of sound, in this case the piano music.

“There were construction flaws which prevented it from taking the top prize – the narrative follow-through could have been stronger, and the clip at the beginning was too long for a programme opening. Also, the third guest was presented as an afterthought – we weren’t clear why. However, all in all this entry had a lot of strong moments.”

Guests in Zack’s podcast include Alison Rockbrand, artistic director of the Travesty Theatre; the Rev Vaughan Jones of the United Reformed Church in Islington; and Rikki Beadle Blair, an actor, director and storyteller.

Zack Polanski is 32 and an artist. He lives in London.

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